Service Specialties

Areas of Specialisation

The services that we offer to our valuable clients are as follows:

  • Air Freight Specialists

    With our vast experience in Airfreight forwarding industry and world-wide network with our logistic partners, we offer local expertise with global experience catering to each customer¡¯s specific transportation and logistics needs. We are IATA approved, the only cargo forwarder in Pakistan who also has been awarded membership from DGAC, Washington, USA.

    Our air forwarding capabilities proves:

    • Air and ground operations integrated freight forwarding services
    • Consolidation services
    • Handling of 10¡¯ 20¡¯ over-size pieces on passenger aircrafts
    • The only freight forwarder in Pakistan handling DGR i.e.Explosives and Radio active material
    • Experts in Sea-Air and Air-Sea mode shipments
    • Urgent shipments just-in-time on expedited cost
    • Custom Clearance and documentations
    • Packing and crating including special packing for DGR and oversized shipments
    • Door to Door delivery
    • Special chartering for bulk cargo

  • Movement of Over Sized Oil Well Drilling Equipment

    We are proud to mention that we have handled quite often various shipments by air pertaining of sizes between 15 to 20 feet of length on passenger Air crafts.

    Among all other logistics companies, we are the only company that has practical experience to move oversized shipments of the tools By Air on a very economical and competitive cost in a professional manner.

  • Movement of Explosives

    Explosives By Air, we are one of the top forwarding companies who are managing to forward explosives by air where other fails to move it. By its name, explosives are extremely dangerous, yet essential for oil rigs. This has become possible by having a strong network with well-known multi-national companies. Also, this has relieved us in taking out the solutions for the transportation of these explosives shipments to any locations in the world. We have all the capabilities and knowledge for safe and sound transportation. Large number of clients of different industries are well satisfied and using continuously our services for their inbound / outbound valued shipments.

  • Movement of Radio Active Material

    It ¡s a matter of fact that handling and transportation of this product needs standards of safety which needs an acceptable control of the radiation, criticality and thermal hazards to persons, property and the environment that are associated with the transport of radioactive material, As such all airlines usually avoid acceptance of such shipments for transportation if these shipments are not booked by the highly qualified professionals. We are pleased to mention that we have highly experienced and licensed personnel to develop creative solutions for these radio active shipments and now its being of years that it has become a norm for us to transport these and that all carriers in air industry and ocean industry have full confidence in our competencies.

  • Transportation of Project Equipment

    Again transportation of above mentioned equipments requires high techniques, knowledge of field and a good sense of its logistics needs and requirements. Usually in our industry it is considered very difficult to transport this Equipment and people fail to find the solution, but we in IFCL have the expertise of handling such equipment and provide tailor made solution of our valued clients.

    We, by the grace of God are proud of it that we have been successfully transported this Equipment from Islamabad to Karachi by road onto Kuwait by Sea with full satisfaction of our renowned client.

  • Movement of Rigs Equipment

    With the development of Oil & Gas sector in Pakistan, the movement of Rigs to and from Pakistan has increased a lot. It is also in context to mention that we have transported successfully such shipments a lot, rather we have met our clients expectations with their entire satisfaction and appreciation. As a result we have handled plenty of shipments in past and more of it still are to come.

    Our own fleet of transportation of Low-bed, Semi low-bed and normal Road feeder made these transportation more easy and economical, safe and sound with meeting the dead line of deliveries at destination. It also have made possible door deliveries very fast, efficient and quick.

  • Bulk Cargo

    We have good contacts and service agreements with different international Chartered Air Lines and Ocean Vessels that facilitate us to provide a tailor made solution to our valued clients at their door step for both Exports and Imports.

    We have chartered a number of vessels and airplanes and few more movements are in pipeline for which we are in negotiations with chartered carriers to bring bulk shipments from Casablanca, Morocco to Karachi, Pakistan.

  • Break Bulk

    We are capable of handling any size of break bulk cargo, through our vast experience. Our staff is well experience and performs up to the mark to ensure swift movement from any part of the world. This has allowed us to win clients like US armed forces, UN, etc who are transporting different types of goods to Afghanistan.

    We are fully equipped with DG licensed personnel experienced in handling all nine classes; in addition, IFCL is also a member of DGAC (Dangerous Goods Advisory Council) ¨C Washington, USA and is also covered with all certification requirements of the country and international laws.

    We look forward to provide our logistics services to you and prove yet another client, that we are here to carry your logistics load. As our vision push us to prove the best across the globe in all areas of transportation, we assure you of minimizing your logistics load, and satisfy your logistic needs.

  • Custom Brokerage & Warehousing

    To facilitate and to provide one window operation to the importers and exporters of the country, we also involve in custom brokerage and have our own warehouse situated at Shershah, near the port.We have well versed officials who are well informed with all custom formalities and have good contacts and understanding with custom officials. They also have full command on new system of custom clearance i.e. CARE. Our operational staff is always ready to give 24 hrs services to get clear the shipments as early as possible to prevent the clients from demurrages and other losses.